2012 Annual Giving Campaign

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I’m writing you in hopes you will again support House Corporation’s 2012 Annual Giving campaign. As with previous years’ efforts, the purpose of this campaign is to grow and sustain Alpha Gamma’s membership through a better physical house.

The belief is that a better house and a better living experience will be much more appealing to active and potential brothers and consequently:

• Membership will grow;
• Membership will be more easily sustained; and
• It will allow House Corporation to drive higher rents.

House Corp firmly believes this strategy is working and we’re happy to report the house is thriving:

• There are currently 114 active brothers;
• 41 brothers are living in house; and
• The active chapter initiated 42 young men last year!

The fundraising goal for ’11 was to raise $12,000 and we got very close with a total of $11,221. My hope is we can raise 13,000 for 2012. The $11,221 raised last year was used in the overall $150,000 renovation that was just completed and included some of the following improvements:
• All original cast iron plumbing was removed from interior of house.
• All bathrooms were taken to the studs and walls replaced/rebuilt due to years of leaks. Updated finishes include Corian counter tops and porcelain tile on floors & walls.
• Integrated dresser and closet systems were installed in all rooms.
• New light fixtures were installed in all rooms, the kitchen, the dining room and the halls.
• The bedrooms and dining room were repainted.
• The main sewer line into Summit St., the back flow prevention valve, the sidewalk along Summit to 15th and the Entry sidewalk were all replaced.
• The parking lot retaining wall and the drainage lines around the House were all rebuilt.
The bottom line is your previous years’ donations have absolutely helped grow and sustain membership. And, the donations continue to rise. As a quick recap of the past four year: 2009 donations were
$7,395; 2010 donations were $7,938; and 2011 donations were $11,221.

The list of brothers who generously gave last year is listed below. Thank you for your support and the many kind notes.

Again, please consider giving to this effort now and into the future. Alpha Gamma has a rich history that we’ve all benefited from in many ways.

Please send your check to me, Matt Berry at 3901 Tarrington Lane, Columbus, Ohio 43220. Contributions are not tax deductible. Please make checks payable to Alpha Gamma of Sigma Chi, Inc.

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In Hoc,

Matt Berry ‘93
House Manager ‘92

2011 Contributors
2011 Contributors
2010 Contributors

Thanks again!

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