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September 30, 2011

Brothers of Sigma Chi,

I am writing this letter on behalf of the undergraduate brothers at Gamma (OWU), Mu (Denison), and Alpha Gamma (OSU). These three central Ohio chapters have a history of success on their campuses and are noted for being leaders of the campus and especially the Greek community. As you know the goal of Sigma Chi is to be “the pre-eminent leadership development fraternity in the Greek world, living and practicing our values of friendship, justice and learning.

However, to maintain that goal and continue the positive direction of these chapters, we need your help!! In an effort to develop our future leaders and further the training of BLTW, the fraternity has initiated the creation of Alumni Advisory Boards for each chapter. We have undergrads that need your assistance, guidance and leadership experience. There are over 1300 Sigma Chi alums in Central Ohio that we need to reach that could benefit these chapters.

This is an appeal to the alums in Central Ohio, regardless of home chapter, to assist these three chapters. Ben Harris has been recently appointed Assistant Grand Praetor for Southern Ohio and desperately needs your help. We are seeking 5-7 alums for each chapter who are willing to provide about 5 hours a quarter to guide and mentor a chapter officer.

Anyone interested in more information or becoming involved with a house corporation are asked to contact the chapter advisor directly or Ben Harris. Enclosed are the contact numbers for the respective chapters.

Now is the time to give back and take the lead for the future of these chapters and our fraternity. We have a 156 year tradition of leadership development. Your time will be well spent and richly rewarded.

In Hoc,

Rich Hronek

Grand Trustee-Ohio



CC. Ben Harris, AGP, (310) 766-5494 ben.g.harris@gmail.com

Dan Sharpe, CA, OWU, (614) 619-2590 sharpe.dan@gmail.com

Jim Smiley, CA, OSU, (614) 889-0978 jsmiley@aol.com

Ryan Temby, CA, Denison, (614) 787-7988 sigmachialumni@yahoo.com

Scott Hettescheimer, GP, (513) 720-4400 scott@hettescheimerinsurance.com

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  1. Ken Chinchar said on 18-10-2011

    Rich, I am an OSU graduate and an Alpha Gamma alum (1976). I would be glad to help out – I did back in the late 1970s and early 1980s when I lived in Columbus. The problem is that I now live in Charlotte, NC and only get up there for a few football games every Fall. Can I help via phone or e-mail and perhaps one or two face-to-face meetings every Fall? Please let me know.

    In hoc, Ken Chinchar

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