Posted by : admin | On : March 27, 2007

Name: Alan Zink
From: Columbus, Ohio
E-mail: Thanks very much to Nate Fisher for his tremendous efforts and dedication in creating this Sig website as a major component of our revitalized alumni communications program.

Just returned from 6 wks. at Bonita Bay, FL. On 2/14 got together @ T A Ward’s (Sr) with Bill Wentz to watch OSU/Penn St. game. Afterwards, we seranaded our wives of 40+ yrs. (Judy, Cindy & Louise) with a slightly flat rendition of the Sweetheart song — it was the thought that counted moore than a store-bought cards!

Had lunch w/Denny Draeger, Bob Titmas (married my cousin, Jackie) & Bill Wentz before they played a round @ Bonita Bay Club (I am recovering from rotator cuff surgery in January).

Also spent evening w/Brother Paul (Bob) Bowles & Linn @ their beautiful home north of Naples (Audubon) — hadn’t visited w/them since we both lived in Evanston/Wilmette, I’LL when first marri
ed. We both consider our experiences in Sigma Chi & as Navy officers as two very significant experiences that helped us in our careers. IH

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