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Name: Jeff Madison
From: Columbus
E-mail: jeffreyjmadison@yahoo.com Attention Sigma Chi Lawyers, Judges, and Law Students.

Through the Sigma Chi Friendship Circle message board several attorneys including myself have begun the process to establish a nationwide Sigma Chi Bar Association. We are currently trying to gather contact information to put together a directory. Should you want to participate please email your contact information to: Kurt Gerstner at kgerstner@campbell-trial-lawyers.com

More details are below:

Hello Brothers – So far I have about 20 names with contact info and short bio info in the Sig bar association directory. I’m going to send that out to the brothers who are in the directory and I will update it and send out updated directories to the people in it every few months. If you have not already posted your name, contact info and a short bio on Friedship Circle or sent me an email with your info, but would like to be included in the directory, then please get me the info.

I envision us being able to use this directory as a resource. If you have a question about Illinois law on a particular subject you can look up a Sig lawyer there to get some info. If you have a case in California and you need local counsel you can look at the directory and find a Sig to hire as your local counsel. If you need to take a deposition in Florida you can find a Sig lawyer and ask to use his conference room and to get you a stenographer. Obviously the more names we have in it the better the resource it will be.

Once we get enough of a core group involved we can also talk more seriously about getting together as a group annually for some CLE, business networking and sharing the bonds.

Please pass the word to other Sig lawyers who might want to be added to the directory and urge them to send me their names, contact info and bios as well. Thanks.

In Hoc,

Added: February 26, 2008