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Name: P.J. Hamm
From: Atlanta, GA
E-mail: Just received the email news letter from the undergrads. Wow, I miss that house so much. Garrett Turner, Eric Handren and I are keeping it real in the ATL. Let us know if any of you are passing through ATL or will be in NOLA for the game. In Hoc!

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Name: Tony Knight
From: Los Angeles
E-mail: I graduated in 1968 and have been living in Southern California since 1972. I am a public relations executive at Sitrick And Company in Los Angeles. I have spent many wonderful Homecomings in Columbus over the years with Wally Neidenthal, Dick Davis, Bill Graham, Bob Baker, Randy Meyer, Round Richard, Frank Stofa and many others. I always look forward to playing golf with the brothers at York Golf Club.

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