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Name: Christopher Pletcher
From: Columbus, OH
E-mail: Alumni Brothers,
Just thought I would introduce myself to those of you who I haven’t met– I am the current Consul of the Alpha Gamma chapter at Ohio State…feel free to contact me or stop by the house (or both) if you need anything, have any suggestions or advice, or just want to reminisce.


Chris Pletcher

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Name: Tom Conkle
From: Columbus
E-mail: Hello. I stumbled on this site when I googled “Bill
Wentz Sigma Chi.” I was at OSU from 71-75. Turns out Al Zink has visited this site and mentioned he watched a Buckeye game with Bill Wentz. Go Bucks! Go Sigma Chi! I’m active in my Knights of Columbus Chapter at my church – I think it’s like Sigma Chi, with the camaraderie and the emphasis on faith and love for your fellow man. I love you guys and for any I have ever wronged or failed, I’m sorry. My daughter is an OSU grad, and one of my sons starts this year. Peace and love.

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