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Take a minute and make sure you check it out and update your info.

The new site is here at it will focus on connecting brothers and networking.

Also, if you are using Facebook to stay in touch and re–connect with other brothers, which most brothers are then just click here and use the new Sigma Chi Facebook Application This application will snyc your infomation with HQ. Web 2.0 is great, makes this very easy.



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I highly suggest you add this application. Headquarters had this application built to allow you to update your Facebook profile and it will simultaneously update your information with Headquarters.

This is one part of a roll out of a their new site, “”. which is a huge step in improving the ability to connect and utilize our network of Sig Alumni. You can now upload a resume, search for a lost brother, create a permanents email address.

For those that need a video tutorial, Jacob Cook of Share Sigma Chi put this together….

Nate Fisher 93
Alpha Gamma



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